Vinkova moves to office Vincap in Houten

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Berlin Packaging expands its presence in Northern Europe with the acquisition of Vinkova

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Product range

If the desired packaging are not part of the selected range, then you can contact us for a customized packaging. In addition, we take the entire development process for our account. This process includes the translation of your specific needs in a drawing, a 3D presentation, care of the glass forms, the provision of samples for testing, and finally the final production and delivery.

Who are we?


Vinkova was founded over 45 years ago. Together with our French parent company and our Belgian sister company we pioneered in Eastern Europe. In the course of time we began cooperating with leading European glass manufacturers. From 1998 Vinkova continued on independently under the leadership of Ronald Koopman and André Rombout. In 2003 Ronald Koopman left the company. Currently the executive board consists of André Rombout and Columba van Greevenbroek.

What does Vinkova stand for?

We are a trustworthy and sound trade office with a long term vision. We strive for long lasting relationships, good cooperation and we want to evolve together with our customers and suppliers. Our team is key and the beating heart of our company. It defines the intrinsic value of this beautiful business.

What do we do?

We search for, find and keep customers by meeting their needs. We take stock of their wishes and link these with our knowledge of the most suitable European glass producers. This can be for just one pallet, but also for lorries filled to capacity and for standard and custom made products. We will do our utmost for you.

What do we want?

To go to work with pleasure every day. Great colleagues, agreeable and informal interaction with our customers, suppliers and shipping agents. Success, fun and zero stress with the main objective of long lasting relationships, turnover and profit.

How do we achieve that?

By doing what we say and delivering what we promise. By an open and honest communication, internally and externally, even when the going gets tough, and by being informal in our interactions. Besides that we are flexible because of the way we work en because of our large and diverse assortment of products.

With who do we work?

Our customers are buyers in the Food and Beverage industry, our production partners are European glass manufacturers and shipping agents are our logistical partners.

New products


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